What you need to know before growing your first big beard

There are many men who want to grow a beard, but are not quite sure how to achieve a beautiful beard or how to properly stimulate its growth. Many people believe it’s just genetics and abandon their plans for a stylish beard after the first few attempts, resulting in very sparse facial hair. However, this is not too far from the truth.

Growing a beard, especially a large one, requires time and care that goes beyond just waiting. Like any attempt to change our body, it requires proper care. In the next article, we’ll go into detail about how you can achieve a big beard for maximum style. Along with these tips, we’ll tell you some important steps to take care of and maintain your beard, which is just as important as growing it.

Take care of your health

Believe it or not, good health is the first step to growing a beard properly. Poor diet can be one of the most detrimental factors to beard growth. Make sure your diet is balanced, follows the food pyramid and meets your needs, and that it contains some key nutrients that influence beard growth. These include vitamins A, B and C, which play a very important role in maintaining healthy hair.

Reducing stress in your life is another very important factor, since stress has a negative impact on all processes in our body. Stories of people losing hair due to stress are nothing new, and the same applies to facial hair. Eating a balanced diet, as discussed above, can also help combat stress, as some foods contain anti-stress properties. Other factors that can help reduce stress are a consistent exercise schedule, proper hydration, and adequate sleep. Sleep is very important, you should get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night to maintain a low stress lifestyle and ensure smooth beard growth.

Know your face shape

Not everyone has the same face shape, and not every face shape can have the right beard. For example, if you have a round face, you will look great with a short boxer beard or goatee, but a tapered beard will not look as good as on a square face. It’s good to know what kind of beard suits your face best before you even start growing it, so you can properly set your goals and expectations. Another factor in this area is the nature of your facial hair. Some people have naturally patchy beards or are missing hair on some part of their face, such as their cheeks, so some beards are more difficult to grow. However, this next step can help you correct these shortcomings and get the style you’re aiming for.

Give time

This is the most boring and annoying step, but also the most important. Timing your beard properly can solve the problem of uneven or lack of growth, as the lack of growth may simply be that facial hair in that area grows very slowly. By the end of the first week of growing a beard, impressive stubble should form, which can be used to judge the speed of beard growth.

After this week, you will have a two-week period that will determine the final texture of your facial hair. In another two to four weeks, you should have a very noticeable beard, although it may not yet have reached the full beard stage. However, you should still care for it properly. The key growth point usually occurs after about two months, when your beard is fully formed. When you reach this stage, it’s good to reconsider the styles you’ve been going for and see if they suit your beard. Another tip is to avoid trimming or styling your facial hair until at least 4 weeks of beard growth have passed. It is important to let the hairs grow without interruption, otherwise uneven growth may occur.

Trim your beard as it grows

Of course, while you’re letting your beard grow, it will need some trimming in the final weeks. This is done to give your stylish facial hair the right shape that will meet your expectations. Invest in the right tools, such as trimmers and scissors, to ensure that no odd patches of hair disturb your ideal beard shape. Oddities to look out for include checking for stray hairs, trimming split ends, and removing damaged hairs to allow new hairs to grow properly. If your goal is a completely wild and untamed beard, then you can skip this step, but remember that your beard still needs to be properly maintained in other ways, so continue reading the following tips.


This is perhaps one of the most important steps in shaping a wild collection of facial hair into a properly styled beard. If you’re looking to grow a big beard, you’ll need to groom it the same way you groom your long hair—often and properly. Grooming plays an important role along with trimming as it helps give the beard the desired look while it is still growing. If you skip this step, it will not only affect the style of your beard, but also your comfort, as the hair can get tangled, causing a lot of inconvenience in everyday life. Buy yourself a brush before your beard starts growing so you can immediately groom it once it’s long enough to maintain.

Use beard oils and other beneficial beard products

It’s no wonder that there are so many beard products on the market. Our beard is constantly under stress from external factors such as heat and bad weather, so it makes sense that we should provide it with proper protection. This protection is formed naturally when the beard receives the necessary nutrients in the form of beard oil, as its contents are beneficial for its strength. These products also give it a little more style with a subtle shine and make it easier to care for by preventing it from drying out. Using beard oil in tandem with grooming will help you distribute the oil evenly, providing your entire beard with important nutrients.