Manicure: the art of beauty and care

Manicure is not just a nail care procedure, it is a real art that can highlight your beauty and style. Today, thanks to professional craftsmen and a wide selection of services and materials, everyone can create a well-groomed and elegant look. A large selection of manicure materials is presented on the KODI PROFESSIONAL website. Let’s look at the main aspects of manicure and share tips for creating the perfect manicure.

Types of manicure and their features

When choosing a manicure procedure, it is important to consider not only the appearance, but also the condition of the nails and skin of the hands. There are several main types of manicure, each of which has its own characteristics:

  • Classic manicure: Cleaning the nail plate, shaping the nails, trimming the cuticles and applying varnish. This is a basic type of manicure, suitable for daily use.
  • SPA manicure: Nail and hand skin care using special moisturizers, massage and aromatherapy. Ideal for relaxing and caring for dry skin.
  • French manicure: A classic type of manicure with a natural nail shade and a white edge. Creates an elegant and stylish look.
  • Gel polish: A long-lasting and permanent manicure using a special gel polish that retains its shine and color for several weeks.

Secrets of a perfect manicure at home

It is not always possible to visit a beauty salon, but this does not mean that you cannot create the perfect manicure at home. Here are some tips to help you achieve professional results:

  • Preparation: Start by cleaning your nails, removing cuticles and shaping your nails. Use soft files and moisturizers.
  • Base Coat: Apply a base coat to protect the nail plate and improve polish adhesion.
  • Varnish: Apply varnish in thin layers, allowing each layer to dry completely before applying the next. Top your manicure with a top coat for durability and shine.

By following these tips and choosing the appropriate type of manicure, you can create well-groomed and beautiful nails that highlight your natural beauty and style.

Manicure not only helps to create a beautiful image, but also improves the condition of the nails and skin of the hands. Regular nail care helps prevent brittleness, dryness and other problems, keeping them healthy and beautiful.

Modern trends in the world of manicure offer a wide selection of designs and techniques for decorating nails. From classic French patterns to bold accents using rhinestones, glitter and patterns, everyone can find a style that reflects their personality and mood.