The complete guide to luxury watches

Luxury watches have always been the most coveted fashion accessories in the world. Many famous watch companies, such as Rolex and Richard Mille, produce exclusive watches that demonstrate the highest level of craftsmanship. A luxury watch is more than just a wearable accessory. To help you gain an in-depth understanding of what makes a watch a luxury item and the potential it holds, read the article below.

Definition of luxury watches

Watches made using high quality materials are known as luxury watches. Such watches are mainly produced in limited editions, so their price on the market is higher. They are created through a specific manual process and rigorous testing.

“A device crafted with superior quality and precision is how we define a luxury watch.”

Luxury watches are not only made from the best materials, but also have unique designs and functions. There are several different types of luxury watches, some of the most popular include dress watches, chronographs and dive watches.

4 most popular luxury watch brands

  1. Rolex
  2. Audemars Piguet
  3. Patek Philippe
  4. Richard Mille


When it comes to high-end luxury watches, Rolex has established itself as a leading brand in this field. Known for producing some of the most unusual watches in the world, Rolex watches command a high price in the luxury watch market.

These are not only new watches, but also older versions of their watches that fetch a higher price on the used watch market. Popular Rolex models include the Hulk, Air-King, Day-Date and Milgauss.

Audemars Piguet

Another brand that is among the most popular Swiss luxury watch manufacturers is Audemars Piguet. This watch is extremely famous among Hollywood celebrities and sports figures. Among them are such celebrities as Will Smith, Jay Z, Drake and Stephen Curry.

The reasons why celebrities and other collectors pay attention to this brand are the exclusivity of some models and the stunning yet simple design. Audemars Piguet watches are known as one of the most expensive brands in the world.

One of the most popular models of Audemars Piguet is the Royal Oak.

Patek Philippe

The Patek Philippe watch brand, distinguished by its design and aesthetics, is present in most luxury watch collections. The Nautilus and Aquanaut series are some of the most popular watches of this brand.

“A Patek Philippe watch is never owned. You simply take care of it for the next generation.”

Patek Philippe watches are staggeringly expensive on the retail and pre-owned market.

Richard Mille

This luxury watch manufacturer is known for its unusual designs and proportions. Richard Mille watches are often seen on the wrists of wealthy people and celebrities. Rafael Nadal, Michelle Yeoh and Kevin Hart are some popular names that come to mind.

Richard Mille watches are a true status of wealth and luxury. Collectors who own and trade these watches always note a multiple increase in their value.

Are luxury watches a good investment?

Of course, yes. Many people think that it is just a fashion accessory, but luxury watches are much more than that. The exclusivity of some watches makes them an excellent investment.

Celebrities such as Kevin O’Leary, Manny Khoshbin, Gary Goetz and Roger Federer are known for their extensive collections of luxury watches. These people have expressed their interest in watches and the lucrative opportunities they offer.

Evidence suggests that many young investors and collectors are embracing the idea of ​​purchasing luxury watches as part of their investment portfolio.

What you need to know when buying a luxury watch

Now that you’ve made the decision to buy a luxury watch, here’s everything you need to know before you make your decision:

  • Select the appropriate watch type
  • Dial size
  • Identify the clock mechanism
  • General characteristics of the watch
  • Waterproof
  • Watch weight

Select the appropriate watch type

Today there are several different types of luxury watches. Therefore, we recommend that you choose the type of watch that suits your sense of style. For example, dress watches have a more minimalistic design. On the other hand, chronographs have a more severe and intense design.

Therefore, based on your taste and preferences, choose the ideal type of watch that suits you.

Dial size

Another important aspect to pay attention to is the dial size of a luxury watch. The watch dial size varies from 28 mm to 45 mm. Size varies by brand and model. Although most men and women prefer watches with a 36 mm dial, people with larger wrists are likely to prefer watches with a 41 mm or even 44 mm dial.

Identify the clock mechanism

Mechanical, quartz or automatic – the choice is yours. These different watch movements operate differently and have different components. Although you may not be interested in the inner workings of a watch, knowing the type of movement will be helpful when making a purchasing decision.

If in a mechanical watch gears and springs drive the mechanism, then in an automatic watch there are motion sensors that generate kinetic energy. Quartz watch movements are relatively more modern and run on batteries.

All of these watch movements require different maintenance, so we advise you to make your choice decisively.

General characteristics of the watch

Luxury watches are not only about ultra-expensive materials, but also about functional elements and features. While Rolex watches like the Sea-Dweller and Yacht-Master are designed for sailing enthusiasts, the similar Daytona is a chronograph designed for racers to keep time down to the second.

Therefore, if you decide to invest in a luxury watch, be sure to determine all the available features and their ease of use.


Luxury watches from some of the leading brands are exceptionally waterproof. Dive watches, a special type of luxury watch, were created with the goal of helping deep sea divers keep track of time during underwater activities.

Therefore, if you work in a room where there is water, or, for example, are a diver, then you are recommended to purchase an elite watch from the diving category.

Watch weight

Each brand of watch and type of watch weighs differently. Therefore, depending on your wrist size and preferred wrist weight, we advise you to choose your watch accordingly.

Some aftermarket watches are decorated with precious stones, which adds to the weight of the watch. Therefore, if you decide to buy a luxury watch according to your taste, consider its weight as a factor in your decision.

Luxury watches are the main fashion accessory

If you are looking to invest in a profitable asset, we would certainly recommend that you invest in luxury watches as part of your portfolio. The brands mentioned above are just a few of the many popular luxury watch manufacturers in the world.

So you have many options. Whether it’s a vintage watch or a relatively new model, luxury watches will never disappoint you.